Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sir Bob and the spider

“And here I am hiding like a coward in this hut
Crushed, defeated and with a dejected heart.
So I dreamt to rule England as the first scot
And bring peace to my motherland, so I thought.

Friend Wallace fought hard, fought tough
Yet we lost and Longshanks had the last laugh.
Will’s limbs were torn apart before they cut his head
Saw dying men, women and children, them I lead.

Now I am hiding in this coast of Ireland like an outlaw
Even these hands have forgotten the sword I used to draw.
Six bloody war I fought with these bastards Englishmen
Lost my friends, people and wealth, for the freedom to gain.

Now laying here, my empty eyes gazing at the ceiling,
At that spider weaving it’s net between two iron beams.
What an irony! Sixth time it failed to do so, as I am counting
And it’s trying seventh times and my hopes are mounting.

If a tiny spider doesn’t give up, why the ‘king of Scotland’ should?
To free my country and have Edward’s head if I could.
A spider taught a king the most valuable lesson of my life
Never give up; never give in, the spirit that makes u thrive.”

So he gathered his army for one more time
To free Scotland and to make England pay for every dime
And from that day to many years to come, now and forever
People will remember the story, ‘Sir Bob and the spider’.

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