Wednesday, March 29, 2006



It was full moon of that romantic night
She was there, laying beside me
In my arms I held her so tight
My sweet darling, yes it was she;

Dragged her, I kissed her all over
And felt her softness in me
Squeezed and fondled her with passion
Explored each part of her body;

Coming down by her neck and mountains
Reached her navel, and find it so deep.
And she was crying with joyful pain
Whole body of her was feeling the creep.

I came down to the most delicious part
Locked between her two thighs
Could feel the beatings of her heart
It was so exciting, so nice;

Couldn’t listen her moaning and pleading
Feeling the warmth of her middle part
No mercy, no mercy
I‘ve Got to tear her apart.

Next second I was in her;
Our body and soul met and dissolved
In each other
Reached the climax, the day been called;

I was laying next a deflowered girl
And can hear her, she was weeping
I felt the cruelest pleasure
As I left her…….crying…..