Sunday, June 02, 2019

Just Another Sinner

There you were, lying unclothed, in the corner of the bed,
Hard to say if you were been loved or you have been hurt,
Your untidy curled hair, smudged lipstick and mascara unmade,
That perfume you wore, smelled less better than your sweat.

That blank stare at the ceiling, that silent look on your face,
As I crawled at you, trying a meaningless conversation,
But you did not respond, I could find tears at your gaze,
I could feel sorry, but instead, found a morbid satisfaction.

Maybe my insane mind was trying to declare,
I was not guilty of anything, not guilty of any manner,
And I held you, a tight embrace to enact and ensure,
In this world full of pain, pleasure and desire I’m just another sinner.

Monday, December 31, 2018


There it is, another year, and it has gone by just fine
Few tears, few heartaches, plenty laughs and couple of heartbreaks
And we think we lost much and gain less, as yours, as mine
But we reach here nonetheless, no matter what it takes

Fools are little wiser this time, others became a tad better
Lies are still stronger than truth, so are our thick skins
Still we all want to go back in time, whatsoever it doesn’t matter
The feeling won’t subside, we grow older, and the world spins.

I feel a little insecure time to time, a little scared maybe
As the years go by and we all keep changing with time
But that’s alright, let’s say goodbye with hopeful eyes and a heart heavy

There it is, another year coming by, worth nickel and dime.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Red Wine

An uneasy evening, a matter of few hours to daylight
And a new day is waiting for the other side of this fright
But the night between the dark and the dawn, a long walk
With naked feet, on the grass, to another side of the lawn

A bleak night where ambition devours the passion
A night of alive nightmares, with no pity, no compassion
A dreadful journey awaits, yet go through the hell
Dehydrated dreams and egoistic righteousness, up for a sale  

Insignificant plans and disdained thoughts to prevail
They bleed to death and their crawling marks are getting stale
As I sit in my armchair, waiting for the bright sun to shine
With my honest mind and lying lips, I drink my red wine.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Her eyes, her smile, her every move, every frowns are worthwhile

When she is in blue, when she is in red, in green or yellow

Make me dream, make me sigh, make me reach out for her smile

As those pink lips curl a little, they leave this heart empty and hollow.

And then she teases, with her naughty eyes, with her flicking hair

Moves around with her small feet, in small steps and in her drapes

I can only watch her swirling about, my sweet maiden fair

I can’t touch her in my dreams, no matter how much are my craves.

So I spend my hours with closed eyes, make believe she’s next to me

Holding me, patting me, sitting beside me knitting my dreams

But when I open my eyes, I look out of the window at that tree, while sipping

The morning cup of coffee, I see her standing next to it, or so it seems.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One glance, one chance

One glance at you, when you sit out there, looking out through window
Sipping your coffee and look lost out there somewhere.
And I’m gazing at you from a safe distance, letting my hopes grow
As you play with the pint of your hair, unaware of the admiring stare.

I can be your longing one, or none of him, might be the stranger you dreamt
I maybe the passing cloud, covering you from the glare of the sun
Or the dark one, who makes the moonlight beautiful, maybe the storm untamed.
‘On the horns of a dilemma’, to take a chance, or sit here and see my hopes burn.

So unsure, if the empty chair next to you, is appealing or uninterested of my intention
If I should listen to my heart, or lie to myself that I am not a fool
Seeking the answer to the eternal question, ‘to be or not to be’, worthy of my attention
Or is it just time, when they say, over the head, let the heart rule.

Should I offer my love on bending knees, or should I just walk up to you and smile?
Or should I just stop myself being a laughing stock and a menace?
As I know, courage and victory don’t walk hand in hand, but maybe side by side for a while
So tell me my sweet, do I take one chance on you, of my one glance?