Sunday, June 02, 2019

Just Another Sinner

There you were, lying unclothed, in the corner of the bed,
Hard to say if you were been loved or you have been hurt,
Your untidy curled hair, smudged lipstick and mascara unmade,
That perfume you wore, smelled less better than your sweat.

That blank stare at the ceiling, that silent look on your face,
As I crawled at you, trying a meaningless conversation,
But you did not respond, I could find tears at your gaze,
I could feel sorry, but instead, found a morbid satisfaction.

Maybe my insane mind was trying to declare,
I was not guilty of anything, not guilty of any manner,
And I held you, a tight embrace to enact and ensure,
In this world full of pain, pleasure and desire I’m just another sinner.