Monday, June 18, 2012

Love and other bruises

Otherwise my life would be alright, if I didn’t see you that night,
Wish it wasn’t raining from evening and wish you were out of my sight.
As you were walking by, snuggling and giggling, holding hands and him beside
And my whole world came crashing down. That night, love died.

You were the one I ever loved; you were the one I ever had
As you promised to be with me, forever or so you said.
Why you have to do me so wrong, leaving me in this road all alone
Was it something I did or said, for what you have to hurt me so bad?

I thought you are only mine, but I failed to read those signs
I should’ve seen it in your eyes, your love was in disguise.
But I was too blind to see, that you were cheating on me
As I was cold and alone in my bed, you were sleeping with other guys.

So you are leaving now and your eyes are filled with tears
You kissed my lips goodbye, but now, it hardly matters
I tried to smile but couldn’t, as from this ripped heart, blood oozes
And I go on, with these love and other bruises.

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