Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sir Mordred, King Arthur & The Battle of Camlann.

King Arthur, the greatest king of Briton had a son with his half-sister Anna. This was the darkest secret of this noble king.

 When he learned from a prophecy that this illegitimate child will be the one to destroy him, he sailed the infant with forty other new born kids away from Britain.

Unfortunately the ship sank but the boy was the only survivor of that grievous voyage. He was brought back to his birth place and there he grew to become 'The Ultimate Nemesis of Arthur'.

Here is the story of Sir Mordred the bastard son of King Arthur, who was also a knight of ‘The Knights of the Round table’ and about King Arthur and the last battle of their life, ‘The Battle of Camlann’.



I am Mordred, Sir Mordred, the traitor knight of the round table.
I am still the most hated, in all the British legends and fables.
My birth even made the greatest king of Briton, guilty and ashamed.
So I was sailed to death as fortieth infant, to save his crown and fame.

The ship sank, I was saved. All other thirty-nine were killed.
I survived, grew and brought back, with rage and hatred heart filled.
My father was the king of the kings, but I was just one among his knights.
It was my kingdom, my throne and my crown, yet as an heir I had no rights.

I wasn’t just a bad seed of the noblest king, I was his fate.
So I laughed, knowing the king’s queen was the lover of king’s best mate.
I pushed them together in a meeting and made the king seize them red-handed.
And when the old king chased his mate Lancelot away, I took Queen Guinevere to my bed.

My father, my king, came back home, to find his son took over his queen and crown.
So he draws his Excalibur, promised to kill his own son, and in his own blood, make him drown.
We met in the ‘Battle of Camlann’ to decide the destiny of a father and his bastard son.
And now we are laying here, my lifeless body and the wounded king counting moments of his own.


I was born to save England; I was born to free this Island from Rome.
I drew the Excalibur from the stone and driven the Saxons back their home.
I fought many battle, killed many men. As they say I was invincible.
Me and my knights and our quest for the Holy Grail, is one of the greatest fable.

But to err is human and every human is a born sinner, I was no exception.
Prey of my blinded lust, my half-sister Anna became the mother of my son.
And the prophecy told me, my fate is sealed in the hand of my illicit lovechild
I conspired against my own blood, he sent away and I was watching as Anna cried.

So I tried to find peace in my only love, my Guinevere, my lovely queen
Alas! How could I forget, that I had to pay for each and every of my sin.
It is always darkest under that great lamp, but like a fool I could never see it
My lady love is the lover of my best friend, Guinevere and Lancelot as I saw them meet.

I was wild and blind for revenge and promised to hunt down my childhood mate
As I left my realm behind, hounding Lancelot, in the hand of my other foe Mordred.
The king never recognized his own son disguised as his other trusted man-at-arms
And I left him my empire, my throne, my crown and my queen, to keep them out of harms.

I was deceived once more and for the final time, this time it was the part of illegitimate me
I raised my sword and challenged my son, my nephew. I knew the end is near, I could see.
We fought this bloody battle in Camlann till our last man fell and we fought till dawn
Now his head lying on my lap, Sir Mordred, my child, my beloved, my traitor bastard son.

Battle of Camlann:

The battle was fought between a king and a traitor,
Sir Mordred and King Arthur.
Who was right and who was wrong?
Mortal enemies or father and son?

A rightful heir and a lawful king.
One bloody clash in one awful spring.
As Camlann saw helplessly, two brave men fighting for the end.
A father and his child are slaughtered by each other’s hand.


  1. i feel so sorry for mordred, if i were in his postition i would have attacked my father the first time we met. arthur didnt pay for his sins. the children did. hes just another cruel sick man. he thinks his son sinned. he should look in the mirror

  2. "think mordred. if fate is all powerful,a sure doom,if no one can escape-then why did merlin tell arthur to kill you." nyneve