Saturday, December 01, 2012

The One

As I lose my self a little every day, I dream on to become the one
As I walk on this path all alone day by day, till I am done
And how I mock myself again and again, the other me just watch
A few blur memories though, make me feel the sweet touch

So I deal with things, which have gone wrong, things I have done wrong
I look back and I see me, the same old me singing, the same old song
How good things would be, how good I should be
Unpacked thoughts and inconvenient lies, an awkward mind in me.

Comfortable pain or desirable death, they confuse me every time.
As life plays on and we all play along, just like mimes
I am out to find answers but the questions are so incomplete
Like all the dead puzzles came alive and back on their feet.

As I live myself a little every day, to make myself the one
As I trip and fall everyday on this path, watch my bruises burn
And how I push myself over and over, the other me makes fun
I smile at him and continue to live, as I am, still undone.

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