Saturday, January 28, 2006

Broken dreams


I’m waiting, still waiting for a miracle
I know it will never come my way
But as I got to say
I don’t know how to tackle

These enormous worries of my life
All the fatal mistakes I made
All the advice that I’ve ignored
Make me realize my fault

I see a dream, which will never com true
But still trying 2 reach for it
When I know I will never get a bit
I’ve nowhere to go, nothing to do
I can only hope and can wait

Whatever in my heart I cherish
Shall I have to forget them
My rainbow dreams and wishes?


  1. awwweeummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    one of the best poems ive evah read!
    n yeah try to read mah poems wen u have time !
    will liek to know wat the grt poem thinks bout mine!

  2. this is the best one i liked...and its really very touchy..

  3. good b frank, its excellent! why arent school buks publishin poems lyk dis one!! u stooopid, u hv talents..... show it off!!!!