Wednesday, March 29, 2006



All my life, I keep losing every game
Every time I was sure of myself
I fell so hard on my face, with a sense of shame
And the only thing creeps in mind is disbelief

A miserable life of a loser
A pitiful life of a heart broken
A helpless moron, an arrogant man
I am all the above, that been spoken.

Still I keep challenging winners
Give them horrible nights of nightmares
And they hate me to the core
Let them, till their death, who cares.

Love to see winners, sworing under breath
Cursing and biting their lips in anger
But helpless and annoyed in their heart
Knowing I am the ugliest dange.r

They somehow manage to beat me in the end
So they like to call me a looser
But don’t know I can be a winner at any second
But I just want to be me, then a crooked winner.


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