Wednesday, August 15, 2007


INDIA, some say the golden bird, some say the diamond of the world
Some say the land of mystery which has a glory to behold.

Some say it’s the land of love, the place of honour and respect.
And others say the tale of war, betrayal and all shamefull facts.

Foreigners see it as the land magic, land of the dark powers
Land of testy fruits and nameless colourfull flowers.

Wise men say it’s the land of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence.
Which has a history of cruelty, treachery and avenge.

Every guest sees this strangely beautiful country with awe.
And they always remember the grogginess and the beauty they saw.

Biggest democracy, bigger population, bigger territory and big militia.
This is my beloved country, my sweet motherland, INDIA.

1 comment:

  1. Hey...Thats a really nice poem....I'd say I luv this poem to all the others because its so positive and I appreciate ur positiveness in this poem and ur patriotism to our country. Hats off Ani..!! Keep it up!! :-)