Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Where the world is so unfair, words are so untrue
When I can’t take it anymore what I’m going through
I leave my past and close my eyes for a new dawn
And I open them just to see, I walked past, I moved on.

It’s never so easy, never so tough, to break and mend
This foolish heart can never judge a foe or a friend
So I gather the pieces back and see it again grown
And I bid my journey a goodbye, as I am moving on.

I run like the devil as I leave my past buried behind
Though the ghost of the past always finds me wherever I hide
And I wake up in another dark night, all alone
Uttering, "I moving on, I am moved on, I move on and on."


  1. too gud buddy!!!! i knew u wre gud at al dese things..but nvr knew u wre dis gud!!! awsm!!! :)

  2. hey it's gud....!!!u dint tel me u wer this gud in writin poems...! :-(