Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sore Loser

It’s been long I’ve won a dual with my life
Lately it’s coming so heavy on me, nailing me down.             
So I am complaining and whining
Begging for another chance, to win the crown.

The chances are floating by and opportunities are wasted.
I am growing a bit more desperate to catch and hold them.
Yet they are just slipping away from my hands.
And I am stuck somewhere in the middle of my pride and shame.

A part of me is still fighting, the other part have surrendered
A few forgotten pieces have flown free.
Empty feelings and broken promises seems the reality
Though a long forgotten sweet dream sometimes disturbs me.

Now often I fear to be haunted by the memories I cherished
And to be drawn into an unknown and uncertain world.
Where the once winners trapped for ever
With a tag on their back, reads ‘Sore Loser’ in bold.

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