Saturday, August 19, 2017


Her eyes, her smile, her every move, every frowns are worthwhile

When she is in blue, when she is in red, in green or yellow

Make me dream, make me sigh, make me reach out for her smile

As those pink lips curl a little, they leave this heart empty and hollow.

And then she teases, with her naughty eyes, with her flicking hair

Moves around with her small feet, in small steps and in her drapes

I can only watch her swirling about, my sweet maiden fair

I can’t touch her in my dreams, no matter how much are my craves.

So I spend my hours with closed eyes, make believe she’s next to me

Holding me, patting me, sitting beside me knitting my dreams

But when I open my eyes, I look out of the window at that tree, while sipping

The morning cup of coffee, I see her standing next to it, or so it seems.