Monday, December 31, 2018


There it is, another year, and it has gone by just fine
Few tears, few heartaches, plenty laughs and couple of heartbreaks
And we think we lost much and gain less, as yours, as mine
But we reach here nonetheless, no matter what it takes

Fools are little wiser this time, others became a tad better
Lies are still stronger than truth, so are our thick skins
Still we all want to go back in time, whatsoever it doesn’t matter
The feeling won’t subside, we grow older, and the world spins.

I feel a little insecure time to time, a little scared maybe
As the years go by and we all keep changing with time
But that’s alright, let’s say goodbye with hopeful eyes and a heart heavy

There it is, another year coming by, worth nickel and dime.