Friday, June 30, 2006



It is the tale of that dark night
When the human lives were just at the mercy of nature
When the sea was restless and roaring
The twisting storm was just waiting to kill

The clouds were mocking the sailors
Every now and then the ship was been hit by waves
Travelers didn’t know who‘ll die n who’ll b saved
Captain was praying, crews were pulling every string

But the ray of hope seems to be so faint

Everyone was was so scared, weather a crook or a saint
The ship was dancing in the tune of the restless sea
A sudden thrust stopped everything

Screams turned into silence; trumled ship was so still now
All the passengers were so surprised and egger to know how
It was a small island on which the ship was anchored
Rain stopped, storm calmed and moonlight was so bright

The cursed night was almost end and the ship was at halt
By that little island which was been deserted
But today it was full of lives, cries and laughter
And the day was saved by cursed island Saint Helena!!

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