Saturday, July 01, 2006


Silence of the night

Do you ever try to hear what the night says
All its words, wisdom and phrase?
How its whispers and peeps through your window
With his soul mate, the dark shadow

So scary, so beautiful and so dark
You can feel your heartbeats when dogs bark
In the middle of the night when everything is so still
Seems all evil spirits are around you and you can feel

A day can be mute but no night is
They taunt you; left you frightened and teased.
Every night while go to bed u pray for a sweet dream
Ever wondered why those nightmares make u scream?

Why they come back again and again in your night
Why don’t they go away, out of your sight?
Cause the night has so many things to show and say
Want you to see the world of evil, dark and grey

And if you think the words above are not so right
Then try to hear at least once, the silence of night

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