Wednesday, July 26, 2006



when everything goes wrong,nothing seems right
and every ray of hope is just out of your sight

you lay your head on table,thinking and thinking
staring blankly without your eyes blinking

thinking why everytime every plan has to fail
looking back again and again into every detail

still unable to find any senseble cause
and you are on the floor when everyone else dogded

you left no stone unturned to fulfill your dream
and all you got is the dreadfull pain and you cant even scream

cause you dont want people to know that your dreams are burned
you move along,smile,laugh,but inside you are darned

and it'll be this way,there is no way out
a life without any success,no future to think about

and you can't even cry at night cause your tears are dry
dont you think its the time to bid your life a GOODBYE??

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