Sunday, December 31, 2006



A new day, a new dawn, a brand new start
With tears in eyes and a joy filled heart
As we say good bye to the year we passed
And as we welcome the year ahead us

Looking back we see, all the glory and shame
Can see fallen angels, can see people riding on fame
We have seen volcanos, earthquakes and hurricanes
Sinking ships and bombs killing thousands of men

Witnessed the end of a long war fought for no reason
Have seen how religion can blind people’s vision
Have seen how terrorists and politicians go hand in hand
And how patriotic songs are sang by rock bands

How innocent school children are killed brutally
How world leaders fake the humanity totally
How spy’s are poisoned by radiation
Even seen devil’s advocate could be a nice profession

Saw dictators lost their kingdom, even hanged till death
But still, all these could not shake my faith
I am still standing with eyes closed and arms wide open
Goodbye 2006.......…….. welcome 2007

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