Saturday, December 30, 2006



I am alive, still alive, but don’t know why?
Lied on my back, I can see the clear sky

Can see the broken houses and the dead people
Can see the pieces of my friends, broken skulls

Can hear people screaming, running and praying
Can hear them moaning, who are dying

And feeling the horror of this bloody war
Can see crying people who lost someone near and dear

And I have only one question to ask, why, why?
For the sake of the battle, why innocent people have to die?

Why these power hungry leaders don’t stop this game of death
Before on peace and harmony we all loose our faith

For how long we soldiers will fight without a cause
Killing and dying for a reason which is so false

Before I close my eyes I want to pray for the world
So this beautiful world won’t become another Nazi cult.

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