Saturday, November 03, 2007

Making Love

I left her alone, that night, she was weeping on the bed.
Her voice was still ringing, each and every word she said.

How she held me, kissed me and made me feel her.
How she blinked so cutely and whispered in my ear.

“I am yours, only yours, and I love you”, she muttered.
And I felt her soft touch in every of my body part.

It’s been a year or so when I found her on the shore of the bay.
She was gazing at the sea, as if she’s standing there all long day.

I stood next to her quietly, kissed and looked at her.
Oh! I could say she was waiting for me all this year.

That night, was again a night of love and lust.
No way could it be over, so early so fast.

I started from her lips and ended kissing her toes.
Her soft curves made me forget all my woes.

Those erect mountains felt so nice and warm.
Her deep navel made my manhood so firm.

I explored her mysterious part hidden in her thighs.
And once again it took us both into all new highs.

Again we were merged into each other as if like forever.
I was feeling so good, as I buried deep down into her.

After a long, I found myself in her arms, so drained.
She kissed my lips and said, “Don’t you ever leave me again”.

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