Saturday, November 03, 2007


Dark dreams, screaming night, horrorfic times and all my frights.
They all are here, they all come true and they don’t go out of my sight.

I am scared, I want to run, run away so far, and never want to come back.
And I know my life won’t be same again and will run on a total different track.

Sometimes I dream, I am sitting near a grave alone, and crying, sobbing.
It’s my grave; I can see my name on it and can feel, inside my heart, still beating.

And I know, nobody will help me, to come out of it and to breathe again
And I wake up in my bed, sweating and shivering, feeling I m insane.

I want to die so badly and I can see death dodging around me, teasing me.
I am calling her to take me away from this wretched life and set me free.

May be as an eagle, flying around, over a lone n lifeless desert.
As I am still carrying it inside me, my BLEEDING HEART.


  1. wow!!!!!!

    very gud 1
    d title is very attractive and d same goes to ur poem

    usually gud title's hav no content in poem but urs does
    very gud one
    keep writing gud poems wich brings gud meaning!

    al d bestt

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