Monday, November 24, 2008


I thought I have learned all, then found myself so illiterate.
An unlearned from a wise lad, driven by his fate.
Tried the shoes of wisdom one more time, but now I got grown feet.
I find myself, incomplete, so incomplete.

I wanted to do it my way, make this earth a better place.
But pushed in a corner to see the world’s mocking ugly face.
I nod my head and ran, like an angry ignored kid.
I see myself, incomplete, so incomplete.

I needed to be loved, to mend this broken heart.
I was clueless like a child, how, when and where to start.
It came like a storm, hit me and swept me off my feet.

Left alone all by myself, incomplete, so incomplete.

I am sitting here now, watching it rain.
Looking at the sky, clouds and thunders, my loss and gain.

Had so much, lost so much, still walking with my creed.
I’ll always be myself, incomplete, so incomplete.

1 comment:

  1. such bitterness at such tender age
    makes me sad and wonder

    the world is just as u see
    and every1 here is incomplete

    look around - look beyond loss gain
    happiness and pain

    love is constant thats y u feel hurt,
    let go and just live ...

    u r happy cos u smile and not the other way around !!

    do wat u can in ur ugly corner - as i am doing in mine
    u ve a talent ... a gift with words-
    not al of them are blessed with it ..
    use it well and use it soon ...
    instead of thinking what went wrong
    do wat u can 2 make it right :)