Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wings To Fly

I am lost, I am lost, and don’t remember the way back
I was running all the way, running so hard, so I can be lost
I don’t want to be traced or found, I don’t want to go back

And I am seeking what I always needed most

The smallest piece of peace for this tortured mind.
A little care of Mother Nature for this wretched body.
For this smashed heart, some true tears and kind
And a rhapsody with the rain, and burnt out me.

Everything else is behind me, guess I don’t need them.
As I am free kite now, got license to explore this blue sky
Free from all the love, hate, name, fame and shame.
So I can kiss my dreams and can bid them goodbye.

It’s time for me to run again, and touch the event horizon
Where the sun kisses the earth, sea meets the sky

Night of my life is fading and it’s the beginning of the new dawn
All I need is my wings on my shoulder, to runaway and fly.

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