Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A twisted tale of trust and betrayal, pleasure and pain
A life of a wretched lad who lost all and gains none
A story which started two decades ago in a small town 
Where the life was nice and happiness was an easy found.

There was a boy, simple and shy, yet a headstrong
One day walked out to seek the truth in a path so wrong
In the street of love where he found the ugly beasts
Disguised in beauty, eyeful of treachery, covered by mist.

They came like storms, and left him battered and scratched
Only to make him realize, his dreams are so far fetched
The foolish boy, kept his faith on every passing year
Just to find the days of love, turning days of agony and fear.

And so he’s still waiting, for what he’s seeking and believing
Wish to change this dark lane into a boulevard, where he is walking
For so long, tired of being with people so unfaithful and unkind
He is celebrating again, yet another, BLOODY VALENTINE...

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