Monday, March 29, 2010


It’s been quite a while; I am fighting a losing battle
Perhaps this is the best time to realize, I am on my back on wall
Probably too late to turn thing around or to make a score settle
I can see, I can feel, the end of all I ever had. My downfall.

May be the day has come, when I should accept my defeat
And let go all my glory and proud, that I gained till today
May be I should surrender to my fate and accept way of discreet
And see all those golden days passing by me and getting fade away.

But deep inside me, there’s still a feeling, that, I can be a winner again
Don’t know how far the feeling is true; don’t know how far I can go
But it feels good to be a phoenix and rise from the ashes when it rains
And fly high with the loudest scream, that I am still alive, let you know

I just want my feet, back on the ground again, holding my head high
Fury in eyes, power in my arms and courage in my heart, I want them all
So I can get my life, back to me again, so everyday I don’t have to die
So I can say it to myself, ‘This is not the end of it’, this is not my downfall.

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