Friday, May 14, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Life of a sinner and mask of a saint, days as they go by                                       
Another face in the crowd but deep inside I’m devil’s own
As girls say, how their innocence were robbed, with a sigh
And I can see my self smiling, and I still walk all alone.

Love to see how their purity taken over by burning passion
And last unsuccessful attempt to hide their nakedness
So foolish and naive, but still they deny to learn this lesson
 Little palms are only to hide the face, not the voluptuousness

Teary eyes will now plead not to snatch their last possession
Mumbled lips will now beg for the almost violated honor
And then the most brutal surrender, rest needn’t to mention
Heart will cry, mind will be numb and the body will open the door

It’s so quiet, only the sweet sound of their weep and moan
And I, smile to myself again, seeing them staring at the ceiling
Blankness and empty feeling, as they think about this ‘wretched con’
The dilemma of innocent heart and corrupted soul is just so killing.

As they think of the passed moments we lived with sheer passion
The moments of the sin and divineness, hurting guilt and evil desire
 Confused as their mind divided, between sinful bliss and moral mutilation
And I turned and walk away to find myself, another ‘guilty pleasure’.

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