Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Oh! That eagle, flying and coming back again

To eat a piece of me, as it does all the time
Everyday it kills me, so I can live for another day
An eternal death, what my fate has gifted me

Was I wrong? Ask the mankind, not the gods
To bring them fire and made them equal to us
And my belief, human will conquer the Olympus
Fake proud and glory will be burned down in ashes

I am chained here in Caucasus, but my soul is free
End of my pain and twinge is just a matter of time
The angels and gods are not with me but a human
And the eagle’s fate is sealed with Heracles’ arrow

But oh my fellow men, don’t let Pandora and her box
To deceive you, to lead you in the path of vain
Don’t let go the hope and faith out, hold ‘em tight
As I only have them, for me and for my mankind

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