Saturday, December 27, 2014

Best Man

I lay awake still, sleepless, it seems like centuries
And there she was, beside me, naked, wet and pleased.
We rolled, brawled and crawled, with our sealed lips
Till the last thrust of mine into her, from the time we kissed.

It shouldn’t be this way; it never meant to be this way
It feels so deliciously guilty, so deviously wrong
Unwantedly, unaware, as I walked into her today.
There she was, on the bed and in her thong

I was speechless, so was she, or was she?
Cause her scared and sexy eyes were so loud
They were speaking thousands of words, to me
And I spoke back, without a word, without a sound

There was a knock at the door, they were all here.
They were eagerly waiting for her to get dressed and hurry
As the priest and the groom waiting, for her, the bride dear
And in my head, it was all so vague and blurry.

I couldn’t look at her, when she walked down the aisle
I couldn’t look at her, when she kissed him and stood beside
All I did was nodding like wise man with nervous smile
Being the Best Man of my friend and lover of his bride.

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