Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sweet Love?

She was cute, young and tender, nineteen or so

And her eyes were dark and deep, playfully inviting

Used to smile with her lips closed, keeping her voice low

At every opportunity she was teasing and taunting


I was fool enough, to be played a fool, in fool’s world

Couldn’t read between the lines, couldn’t see the sign

They were so obvious; they were so clear, yet so blurred

And I was hopelessly hoping, to dance together in the rain


As I started to feel, feelings are not been felt the same way

I found the heart, was about to be hurt and to be played with

It was time for retreat; it was time to make way and look away

And to forget all my burning desire, passion and heat


Cause all she wanted was love and all I had for her, was lust

When she felt my lips on her, when she felt my hands on her

And I still know the moment, when she pushed and thrust

With tears in her eyes, I saw her, walking away far, so far.



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