Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Burn me down

Set me free, let me be, whatever I needed to be

If that means the devil in me, what I couldn’t see

The monster within, lurking and grunting, at a snail's pace

And drinking my soul, till it vanishes without a trace.

The shadow of fear is looming large, of an evil reign

Growing like a poisonous dream in my mind and brain

A realm of dead and ugly to rule, and be one of them

To slay the good and better, to keep ahead of the game

Sitting in dark, with a dark desire, in my dark heart

Desire to set ablaze this heaven and earth

And to stand on the pile of ashes and whatever left

Laughing and mocking those promises never kept.

I am growing a beast, in me, as me, for me

So cut me open, cut me through, cut me free

Only way to stop me reaching for Lucifer’s crown

So bring it on, thunder and lightning and burn me down.  

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