Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Pandora’s Box


I was sent to the mankind as a gift, a beautiful present                                    
With a jar in my hand, that I know nothing of
As the god of the gods made me and sailed me to earth                                      
Unaware of his intentions, his plans and desire

I was a seductress, an all-gifted and all-giving woman                                  
That I had to win all the hearts by Aphrodite’s beauty
I had to conquer all the minds with Hermes’s tongue.
Created by an artist, with silk robe and garland crown.                                      

And then I was between them, among them                                                          
As they were singing and dancing, celebrating.
And I unwrapped the gift from heaven, as they insisted
I opened the jar; I opened the box of pandemonium.

I would always be remembered as a curse to people                                                
Someone who did set all the chaos and sorrows upon earth
But I did never let go off, our hopes to vanish in thin air
So we learned to hope, against all odds, against all hopes.

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