Wednesday, October 29, 2008

away from life

Should I slash my wrists and bleed till I die?

Should I cut my throat with a sharp knife?

And enjoy some moment of pain to reunite

With my soul, which has been taken away

By the storm of sadness came into my life.

My nightmares promised me hell on earth

And my guiding star has taken me to a wrong path

I know this way only leads to my grave

But I want to dig it with my own hands

To lie down there with one last smile.

Should I kiss a snake or bite hemlock?

Should I be tied and thrown from a rock?

How should I be punished for being

The biggest fool and loser of this world

I feel so low, tormented, so helpless.

Wish I could apologize for everything I did

Wish I could undone every of my deed

I always was a wrong man in wrong place

Still I tried, to be right and failed

That’s why I am seeking the way, to run away from life.

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