Sunday, April 20, 2014

I, trapped in Myself, in Me

So I was not really trying hard to see things fine
I was not trying to make things look good again
As it’s always been, so easily broken and thrown away
And at ease they are drifting and fading day by day

Dreaming big and falling apart has become a habit
A debt ridden soul is sinking slowly but surely
Chances are as bleak as it seems, there is no way-outs
Part of my life now, disturbing facts and underlying doubts

What I want from me, what I need from myself
Perhaps all I wanted to be is nothing I needed to be
So I walk by all my wishes and desire, ignoring them
Knowing that. Ever again, they won’t be the same.

The fool in me is hoping again, dreaming again
All set to fall flat on its face and get back on its feet again
The shrewd one whispers in its ear, “As far as I can see,
I am trapped in myself, I am trapped in ME”.

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