Sunday, September 27, 2015

Time Machine

I am a wanderer in time, out in the dark of space

Travelling though horizons, disappear without a trace      

Reaching for the places where the time isn’t a hostage                                    

Of clocks and watches, of hours, minutes or phase

Where it begins and flows within the veins of universe

And reaches to every galaxy, to planets and stars

 Bending, breaking and colliding, parallel paths crossed

Changes the course of actions and sequences, of cosmos

It defies the logic and then it defines the laws

Controls every particle, make them run and pause

Yet this traveler of time, trying to go deep within

To find the world, in his dreams he has seen

A world where the time is not bounded by hourglass

Where events can run ahead and can run backwards

It ends where it begins and then vanishes to recur

That’s the world I shall go, see and conquer.

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