Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Midnight Memories

Memories of dreams and midnight illusion

Stay awake late night and wait for the dawn.

Scribbling on an empty page, making mazes

Bread crumbs for lonely heart, leaving traces.

Wander alone in the backyard, gaze at the moon

And the clouds pass by, crickets play their tune.

Vacant eyes and blank mind drink from the night

As this stripped soul sinks slowly, in the moonlight.

All my sins, all my vices and all the crimes of my passion

I bury them in me, every full moon night, my obsession.

And all my misdeeds, mistakes and missed moments

No regrets, no complains, no guilt feelings or pretends.

Like a ghost in the haunted house, I walk around

Waiting for the long lost love, yet to be found

As sometimes on the door there’s a knocking sound

Every time I answer, to burn my hopes to the ground.

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